Historical Neranwood near beautiful Springbrook

6 Sep 2011 9:18 AMSusan Guthrie
Historical Neranwood near beautiful Springbrook

I moved to the Gold Coast in 1968 when my family purchased the farm ‘Maroo’, meaning ‘Plenty of Game’, in Neranwood and a house at Palm Beach.


The suburb of Neranwood, just before the climb up to Springbrook, received its name from the Nerang Hardwood Company which set up a sawmill in 1923 near where Polly’s Country Kitchen tea house now sits.


The sawmill built a private tramway from Neranwood to Mudgeeraba to transport its sawn timbers to the railway siding at Mudgeeraba at a cost of 30-40 thousand pounds plus the cost of two locomotives, Alison and Kathleen.


Unfortunately, due to tough economic times, the sawmill and tramway closed in 1928 and the sleepers were removed for firewood by one of the local families. In the late 1970s, ‘Maroo’ and another 48 properties in the valley were resumed by the government for the Hinze Dam project.


Part of the tramway track still survives within the dam catchment area and I lead walks there with the local Bushwalking Club several times a year. As the mill employed a number of workers with families, workers huts and a provisional school were built but the close of the mill also saw the school shut in late 1928.


Remains of the concrete slab used for the boiler can still be seen next to Polly’s Country Kitchen.



Images kindly supplied by the local studies library.