Natural, protected beauty - The Gold Coast

9 Aug 2011 12:04 PMSusan Guthrie
Natural, protected beauty - The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is exceptionally fortunate in being backed by one of the most spectacular landscapes in Australia and it’s possible to discover these exceptional areas on a guided walk with Geo-Nature Walks and Tours. The high rainforest clad mountains of our hinterland are the eroded northern remnants of the huge volcanic shield of the Tweed Volcano, one of the best examples in the world.


So significant are the National Parks of the Gold Coast hinterland they are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The hinterland parks and reserves preserve not only the scenery, but the flora and fauna as well, which Ian Black, your guide at Geo-Nature Walks and Tours is expertly able to describe and explain.


In 1994, a new species of tree was discovered at Springbrook. Although it had been initially spotted by ranger Michael Hall some years earlier, the Springbrook Leatherwood (Eucryphia Jinksii) was discovered as a new species in 1994 by David Jinks and is declared endangered on the Queensland Nature Conservation Act.


Other species in the hinterland on the Rare and Threatened Species List include the Long Leafed Tuckeroo, Stinking Cryptocarya, Ravine Orchid, Brush Cassia, Mountain Wattle and Onion Cedar. The onion Cedar has a grain very similar to the red Cedar but as its name suggests, it had a foul smell. Timber getters soon realised that if you soaked the logs in the creek for some time, the foul smell soon disappeared and it was often sold as real Red Cedar.


Some species such as the Antarctic Beech at Springbrook and Lamington National Park and the Plum Pine at Burleigh Heads National Park date back to Gondwana. Making the area even more special, in the last few weeks two rare orchids were found in a new reserve at Tallebudgera. We are lucky on the Gold Coast to have a diverse range of flora preserved at our backdoors and we need to ensure its protection.


Geo-Nature Walks and Tours are dedicated to educating the public on the incredible natural wonders of the Gold Coast via guided walking tours. We are also committed to the protection and conservation of the region.


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