The Bally Mountain Conservation Reserve

11 Oct 2011 10:24 AMSusan Guthrie
The Bally Mountain Conservation Reserve

The Bally Mountain conservation purchase is a significant reserve of six land parcels totalling 730 hectares which protect more than 600 hectares of remnant vegetation. These include nine different types of vegetation ranging from dry to wet eucalypt forests and vine forest.


Also protected are threatened species such as the rusty rose walnut, shiny leaved plectranthus, veiny lace flower, as well as the koala, sooty owl, grey goshawk and at least four species of rare and threatened frogs.


The reserve is therefore an incredibly important part of the Burleigh to Springbrook wildlife corridor with the prominent, beautiful peak of Bally Mountain at its centre and visible from much of the Gold Coast. It also provides a connection between the Morton Bay coastal hotspot and the Border Ranges biodiversity hotspot.


Dense vegetation safeguards the catchments of Tallebudgera, Bonogin and Mudgeeraba creeks, and the altitude change within the reserve from 80 to 480 metres may help our local ecosystems adapt to any change in climate.


Council is currently putting together a management plan to provide strategies to protect and enhance the natural, scenic and cultural values of the Bally Mountain Reserves.


They have released a short video of the area which demonstrates its natural beauty and significance.