Lamington National Park Binna-Burra
In 1896, Robert Collins a newly elected Member of Parliment began campaigning for a National park in the Mcpherson Ranges. Having visited the USA some 18 years earlier, he was impressed with the Parks being created there at the time and was determined to push  ahead with our own. Romeo Lahey, a timber miller from Canungra joined the lobbying and in 1915 the Lamington National Park was proclaimed, two years after Robert collins death. The 18800  HA park was named after the Queensland Governer Lord Lamington even thou Lahey favoured Woonoongora, the Yugambha name for the mountain.
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Coomera Circuit
From the car park, we head off thru rainforest along the border track and after nearly 2klms, we meet the coomera graded track.
Dave's Creek Circuit
Dave’s creek is known for its wide variety of terrains it passes thru, from tall rainforest to eucalypt forest, and open heath with some scenic lookouts along the way. After following the Border track thru rainforest for 2.3 klm, we turn on to the Dave’s crk circuit and soon enter eucalypt forest.
Lower Bellbird Circuit plus Ballanjui Falls
Heading down hill thru rainforest we soon pass a giant stringybark tree. The graded track continues to zig-zag down hill and after about 2klms, we reach Koolanbilba Lookout.
Ships Stern Circuit plus Ballunjui Falls
While the Ships Stern circuit is one of the longer walks at Binna-Burra, it does offer a variety of terrains and some spectacular views for the effort. Starting off in rainforest we make our way down the eastern side of Binna-Burra stopping in at Koolanbilba lookout with magnificent views of Egg rock and the Kurragin Valley below.
Shorter Walks


Binna Burra has a number of short walks on offer to choose from.

These Walks can be booked via our Personal Tours Page