Burleigh Head National Park
In the year 1840, Surveyer Robert Dixon named this headland Burley head, presumably because of its bulky appearance, but by 1871 Goverment documents show it was changed to its present spelling.Many locals prefered the original name and it persisted in use untill at least 1885. In 1886, an 18.4ha area of the Burleigh headland was declared a Reserve for Public Purposes. In the following years trees were cut down for firewood, developers tried to subdivide it and farmers wanted to clear the hill and plant bananas. After years of submissions and reports, Burleigh Head was declared a National park in 1947. In 1959, Samual S Pegg gifted land from his estate to the park bringing the total area to 27.6ha.
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Burleigh Head Walk
Take a short guided walk thru THE BURLEIGH HEAD NATIONAL PARK, walking mostly in shade, we will pass rare littoral rainforest, pandanus groves, giant basalt columns, coastal heath and eucalypt forest.
Burleigh Heads History and Nature Walk
Come and join us for an early morning History and Nature Walk at beautiful Burleigh Heads. View historic photos of the area while hearing about the life and times of the early settlers.
Image kindly supplied by GCCC Local Studies Library