Ships Stern Circuit plus Ballunjui Falls – 21 km – Class4 – 7-8 hrs.

While the Ships Stern circuit is one of the longer walks at Binna-Burra, it does offer a variety of terrains and some spectacular views for the effort. Starting off in rainforest we make our way down the eastern side of Binna-Burra stopping in at Koolanbilba lookout with magnificent views of Egg rock and the Kurragin Valley below. We continue to zigzag downhill past high cliffs of rhyolite and soon reach Yangahla (picnic rock) with views of the head of the valley and Ships Stern bluff in the distance.
Before long we pass thru a grove of Piccabeen palms and giant Box brush trees before reaching the side track to Ballunjui Falls. Here we follow the track along the palm lined Nixon creek to Ballunjui Falls before returning to the main track.
After walking next to Nixon creek for a short time we cross the creek and soon enter Hidden Valley. Here we pass by cliffs of Tuff (volcanic ash) that have been sculptured by rain and we soon start our climb up to Ships stern. Leaving the rainforest behind, we zigzag our way past open eucalypt forest before passing Charaboomba Rock another volcanic plug with great views back towards Binna-Burra. Continuing uphill on the graded track, we soon reach Kooloobano Point at Ships Stern for lunch. There we can enjoy the excellent views of Egg and Turtle Rocks and the Numinbah Valley below.
After lunch we follow the track along the top of the rhyolite cliffs enjoying a number of great views across to Springbrook in the east and Mt Warning to the south. Descending a short flight of steps, we leave the rhyolite behind and are soon back into the rainforest again. From here the track steadily rises as we make our way back towards the Border Track. On the way we pass the optional side trip into Upper Ballunjui Falls (extra 2.6 km return) before reaching Nagarigoon Falls and taking a short break. We soon reach the border Track and before long will be back to our starting point.