Springbrook National Parks
The Springbrook Plateau was first settled in 1906 even thou the promised access road was still under construction. By 1937 a small section of the Warrie N P was gazetted and over the next 14 year, was increased in size to 525 ha. The Purlingbrook section was decared the Gwongorella N P in 1940 and with more land purchaces , also increased in size to 361 Ha by 1948. After 1995, more land has been added to these parks and are now commonly known as the Springbrook National Parks and also include the Mount Cougal section at Currumbin and the Natural Bridge in the Numinbah Valley bringing the total area to 3425 Ha. In 1994 Springbrook National park was World Heritage listed by THE UNESCO World Heritage Committee. It is now known as the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.
Experience Springbrook Tour
Join our small group tour and let our knowledgeable guide show you the best of Springbrook where you will experience waterfalls, flora, fauna, geology, sensational views and learn fascinating local history.
Less than an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast, Springbrook is renowned for its rugged cliffs, gorges, rainforests and waterfalls. Upon arriving up on the springbrook plateau, we will start and finish our walk from the Tallanbana picnic area where public restrooms are available. Within minutes we reach the top of Twin Falls with views to the valley below. Heading along the heath lined cliff top, we soon reach a concrete ramp that takes us down below the cliffline and thru a rock cleft. Here we take a short side trip and visit Twin Falls, returning behind the falls and thru another rock cleft (cave) and back to the Warrie circuit.